Cheeese is a service that helps photographers meeting travelers around the globe.

This international online search platform is made for travelers and photographers to provide great photos and experiences.

When traveling we feel the need to take as many photos as we can. Cheeese helps the traveler by giving him perfect photos. When you ask: “Who will take pictures of us?”, Cheeese lets you choose a professional photographer whose style is the closest to you and whose vision of photos reflects your idea of beauty.

At the same time, the photographer knows his city better than others and is able to show you such places, which are not written in guidebooks. You can look at the city from a different angle and re-open it for yourself.

Andrey SurinKsenia Slavnikova and Nail Gabutdinov are joining Madeira Startup Retreat this month.

Cheeese is available on the App Store and online at