Gym Nomad

Travel while staying fit? Gym Nomad is about finding your local gym, away from home.

If you love traveling and you love working out, Gym Nomad will find for you the right gym at the right location. Short-term fitness memberships for short-term visitors.

Based in Amsterdam, Gym Nomad gives you flexible and direct memberships with your local gym in the city. While traveling you can now go to the gym. Don’t worry about paying for a day pass what you could get a whole month at back home.

First, you’ll have to customize your search to find your ideal gym. Enter the desired length of your stay (and membership), and choose the classes or facilities you require.

You can also filter by location and price. Then you can get a membership on the picked gym, complete your booking and, finally, it’s time to hit the gym!

Everett James, Goran Nehlin, Marco Capella and Carin Ivarsson are bringing energy to the Madeira Startup Retreat in a couple of weeks.

Gym nomad is available online at