Peekaboo Guru

Peekaboo Guru is a location-based platform which acts as your complete lifestyle guide and shows all the deals and discounts offered in the market.

Based in Pakistan, Peekaboo Guru is a business directory that helps you discover the best deals and discounts in town, such as food, lifestyle, entertainment, health, education, home decor, services, electronics, e-stores and self-care.

Developed by Fetch Sky technologies, this app can find for you: addresses, locations, branches, timings, contact information, assess the ambiance, and see the menu, read and write reviews.

Peekaboo Guru aggregates the data from the whole industry so you can see right away what deals and discounts are near you.

You just need to login through your google or facebook account, choose your card (Bank Card, Insurance Card, Student Card) and get voucher books or apps or discounts and sales announced by your favorite brand.

Straight from Pakistan, Muhammad Ali, Mehdi Hassan and Muhammad Zain Dodhia will represent Peekaboo Guru at Madeira Startup Retreat.

Peekaboo Guru is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can also visit the website: