RE-shape your FUTURE > Team and Self Assessment

RE-shape your FUTURE > Team and Self Assessment

The fifth edition of Madeira Startup Retreat just started, but we have hit the gas and we are at full speed.

On May 3rd, our entrepreneurs welcomed Marta Pereira – Founder at Elephant Answer as their mentor on Team and SelfAssessment.

May 3rd was dedicated to Team and Self-Assessment, Marta was responsible to start the mentoring and we couldn’t have had a better person to do it.

The mentor believes that a brighter future involves a stronger community dynamic and  Marta helps Teams achieve transparent, energetic, and solution-oriented collaboration.

Elephant Answer was created to help organizations and groups to collaborate in their optimal way.


Having that in mind, we divided the startups into different groups and Marta guided each startupper in exercises of self-awareness, so they could share more about themselves and the team.

One of these exercises involved sharing their personal story. The person that had a finger puppet had the permission to talk while others had the responsibility to listen. The goal was to get to know each other better but also practice “listening”, which is one of the most important skills that we need to have.

“How does it feel to talk and to be listened to?”

Asked Marta at the end of the practical exercise, which got a relieved “nice”, as the collective answer.


Another exercise that was called “Conversation Cafe”, consisted of talking about their personal struggles as entrepreneurs and how they could overcome them.

Some of the sharing were:

  • Facing uncertainty
  • Time management
  • Taking care of mental health
  • Imposter syndrome


Before ending the day, each startup presented their goals and objectives.

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