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We have already started week 2! The first workshop of the week was dedicated to defining the values we want to communicate and how to deliver them efficiently.

On May 9th, our entrepreneurs welcomed João Casaca – Senior Product Designer @ Bliss Applications.

Under the theme of Value Creation, the Mentor focused on the topics of Customer Definition and Customer Experience, which consisted of characterizing our main customer segments by defining how, when and with whom they experience their journey as customers. 

But, how to develop knowledge about our customers in conditions of high uncertainty, to better tailor and deliver our service? Initially by “understanding that the customer plays a vital role”. 


João Casaca shared with the startuppers some tools they could use to better understand the customer and one of them was the “Empathy Map”. It is a useful tool to try to get a perception of their profile, as well as their needs, considering what they say, think, do, and feel. Since “before we have customers, we have people” it’s important “to observe and to talk to them to get insights”.

The mentor highlighted the journey we need to take until we understand our “Customer Personas”. João explained that our personas should be about problems and challenges that people face so that we can look for the best solution, also adding that this path is full of trials and errors.


Thinking about “What, Where, and Why” is a good way to “focus on the bigger picture and to make it understandable”.

We finished the morning doing exercises and one of them was a group exercise which consisted of imagining picking an ad in the newspaper for the perfect customer. How would they describe their perfect customer?

In the afternoon, João made a one-on-one mentoring session with each Startup.



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