RE-launch GROWTH > Prepare your Business to Scale

RE-launch GROWTH > Prepare your Business to Scale

To finish week 3 with the “cherry on top”, we had the visit of Miguel Albuquerque, President of The Autonomous Government of Madeira.

What a cool way to finish and start the weekend so we could all re-charge energies.

On May 23rd, we started week 4 and our startuppers welcomed Bernardo Vasconcelos – Exec. Director at Nova SBE Sales Lab, as their mentor.

Bernardo started the day presenting himself, a team leader with a practical and competitive spirit, extremely organized, with a great focus on people development and results.
His mission is to take care of people and their development, as he considers that the biggest return on investment.

After this brief presentation we started with an exercise called, “Who’s Who?” which was based on 3 points;

1 – Self-presentation

2 – What does sales means to me?

3 – Expectations for this workshop

It was a good way to understand everybody’s perspective of what a sale is.


“Take all the opportunity to sell yourself and your product”.

Advised Bernardo, emphasizing that sales are also about trusting and people’s relations.

The mentor talked about the Golden Circle of Siman Sinek, this consisted of;

Why do you do what you do?

How do you do what you do?

What do you do?


Bernardo also introduced the Eisenhower Matrix  which is used to make decisions on what’s urgent and important to do.

Important / Urgent – 1 DO

Important / No Urgent – 2 PLAN

Not Important / Urgent – 3 DELEGATE

Not Important / Not Urgent – 4 ELIMINATE

“The moment you begin to inquire into something, change begins to happen”

Therefore, it’s important to listen to different perspectives of our product because others see differently what we are selling.


We started the mentoring one by one at the end of the morning and continued during the afternoon.




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