RE-expand your IMPACT > KPIs

RE-expand your IMPACT > KPIs

Time flies and we’re already in week 5!

This week’s theme is “KPIs & Team Potential” with the goal to “Define and Measure Objectives
& Foster Company Culture”.

To talk about this topic, on May 30th, was Eduardo Sette Camara. With a wide experience in VC
and supporting startups, in Portugal, his background was previously connected to Beta-i and Core Angels.

The first workshop of the week under the title: “How to measure your business?” enlightened
the startuppers on how to analyze KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – quantitative metrics
that allow startups to understand if they are going on the right path or what should be
improved, for instance.


Eduardo underlined the importance of data gathering, as well as cohort analysis to understand
consumer behavior. In order to obtain value from the data gathering process, the mentor
mentioned several product metrics, such as chat, booking, and reviewing past actions.

Although there are no standard recipes, the mentor covered a broad variety of metrics,
underling that each business should apply the ones that better paint a macro and micro
picture of the state of their business.




To wrap up the session, the startups had the opportunity to do a mentoring One-on-One.

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