RE-connect and GO > Pitch Practice

RE-connect and GO > Pitch Practice

We are entering into the final week and, oh boy, it has passed really quick. It has been intense, fun and our startups have absorbed a lot of knowledge to improve and progress their business.

We started Week 6 and on June 6th, our startupper’s welcomed Salvador Burnay Barros – Head of Growth @ BHOUT

First, Micaela Vieira, Program Manager @ Stratup Madeira, asked our stratuppers a feedback on how Week 5 went for them, the highlights and what they disliked, we are always trying to improve our program so we can make it even better for the 6th Edition.

Salvador started talking about himself and what thrives him on his work. He loves building and helping bringing to life a product that solves a real problem from a real customer.

Has been involved in the design, preparation, hosting & facilitating several innovation education programs and sessions.

The mentor gave a workshop about The amazing art of Pitching, it consisted of techniques to improve the way that we can communicate and pitch our business.


A pitch is critical for selling your brand. It basically imitates your strategic plan for your product. One should have detailed and in-depth information about the industry and the idea you are selling to the investors.

It allows them to find investors, attract great co-founders, recruit the best employees, and, ultimately, fine-tune their idea.

This embraces the knowledge of your target market, the exact problem that your idea is solving, predicted revenues, the competition, rival products, and exclusivity of your idea among others.

“No Plan Survives First Contact With Customers” – Steve Blank

A good pitch should be Concise, nothing is worse than a pitch that is too long, the ideal is about five sentences, maybe two paragraphs if you really need to, Get to the when, where, what, why, and “so what” as quickly as possible.


Needs to be Relevant, it needs to be relevant to the person reading it, either it’s a topic they cover or something they’ve written or spoken about, or they are the right point of contact within the organization.

Must be Thoughtful, a little bit of kindness and consideration goes a long way. This emotional connection is really important, we want to connect with whomever we are pitching to.

Shall be Actionable, the worst thing is to receive a pitch with no action item, we need to be clear about what we want.

Because it is approaching the DEMO DAY, we changed a little bit the time that, normally, the startups had to pitch to the mentor.

So in the middle of the morning, we had five startups that pitched for 2 minutes and without the presentation, we got the opportunity to talk about those pitches with the things that we had learned in the first half of the morning.

In the afternoon Salvador did the mentoring one-by-one and we finished the day with the rest of the 5 startup pitches, but this time with 7 minutes and with the presentations.




It is getting closer to the end.

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