Launch Event > Madeira Startup Retreat: 6th Edition

Madeira Startup Retreat

The latest edition of Madeira Startup Retreat kicked off on January 15th, welcoming 10 startups to their new home at Colégio dos Jesuítas in Funchal. Led by Micaela Vieira, Project Manager at Startup Madeira, the Launch Event set the stage for an incredible 6-week journey.


This edition of Madeira Startup Retreat is truly global, boasting 8 nationalities and 25 participants.

Cristina Salsinha, Project Manager at Turismo de Portugal, shared insights on enhancing the Portuguese Travel & Tourism Ecosystem. She delved into innovation and sustainability strategies, outlining steps to overcome sector challenges.


Excitingly, we had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Maree, the Founder and CEO of The Nomad Escape, in our program. She shared her enriching personal journey and the motivations that led her to this remarkable path. The essence of her insightful talk revolved around the powerful mantra, “Expand your network, Expand your World.” Michelle has been a Madeira resident for a couple of years now, having previously lived in various locations and explored 30 different countries.


Carlos Soares Lopes, the CEO of Startup Madeira, took the stage to add his unique touch to the welcoming proceedings. His opening speech resonated with warmth and encouragement, setting the tone for an inspiring journey ahead.

Following his insightful words, Cristina Salsinha, in tandem with Carlos, individually presented each startup with a symbolic key—a powerful emblem representing the unlocking of new opportunities, progress, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their entrepreneurial voyage.

And thus, the vibrant lineup unfolded, featuring the arrival of AHOY! Serviços Expressos (Brazil), Do You Order (Switzerland), eTOLLs EU (Cyprus), Heavnn (Estonia), (Poland), Revisior® (Poland), socialbnb (Germany), The Spendbase (Ukraine), Tourdata.AI (Portugal) and Girafa.Club (Iran).


Amidst the engaging atmosphere, attendees had the opportunity to network during a delightful coffee break and familiarize themselves with the office space.

The next segment saw the dynamic Fernanda Costa Rates and Maria Eugénia Mascarenhas, Program Manager’s at NOVA SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute, orchestrating an intriguing “Speed Dating” activity, fostering connections and collaboration between the startups and the local hosts.


To end the day in the best way, we walked through some of Funchal’s most emblematic streets and ended at Barreirinha Bar Café for a Networking & Poncha Experience, where entrepreneurs got to learn how the regional drink is made.

What an amazing way to launch this 6th edition!

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