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team assessment

The sixth edition of the Madeira Startup Retreat is off to a flying start, with full momentum.

On January 16th, our entrepreneurs had the privilege of welcoming Marta Pereira, Founder of Elephant Answer, as their mentor for Team Assessment.


This dedicated day aimed at assessing teams kicked off under Marta’s insightful guidance. Elephant Answer, under Marta’s leadership, focuses on enhancing community dynamics through transparent, energetic, and solution-oriented collaboration.

With a belief in a brighter future intertwined with a stronger community, Marta guided startups through exercises designed for self-awareness. The startups, divided into different groups, engaged in activities that encouraged them to share personal stories.


One unique exercise involved a finger puppet, granting the person holding it permission to talk while others honed their listening skills—a crucial aspect of effective collaboration.

The “Conversation Cafe” exercise provided a platform for entrepreneurs to discuss their personal struggles, fostering open dialogue on topics such as facing uncertainty, time management, mental health care, and imposter syndrome.

“How does it feel to talk and to be listened to?”

Marta received a reassuring “good” as the collective response at the conclusion of the practical exercise.


The day concluded with each startup presenting their goals and objectives, setting the stage for a journey of growth and collaboration.

To catch a glimpse of the day’s activities, check out all the photos HERE.