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Pitch Assessment

On January 17th, the 6th edition of the Madeira Startup Retreat kicked off with a focus on Mentor Madness & Pitch Assessment. The dynamic duo, Fernanda Costa Rates and Maria Eugénia Mascarenhas, Program Managers at Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute, took the reins as mentors for these pivotal sessions.

Pitch Assessment took center stage, with each startup tasked to prepare and present a concise 5-minute pitch outlining their core business and product. Fernanda led the morning session, overseeing the presentations and facilitating engaging Q&A sessions. It was a thrilling experience witnessing the startups communicate and share their perspectives with one another.


This pitch session offered a valuable opportunity for startups to delve into a deeper analysis of how their businesses are perceived and assess their communication effectiveness.

The second part of the morning introduced Mentor Madness Online, a highly beneficial component. This segment comprised fast-paced mentoring sessions in various online rooms. Startups rotated between rooms, engaging with different mentors.

In these sessions, they succinctly explained their business, and mentors provided guidance on defining goals for the upcoming 6 weeks.

An esteemed lineup of mentors, including Clive Saffery, Marisa Carvalho, Alberto Garagnani, Joana G. Barba, Flávia Bravo, Sara Almeida, António N. Carvalho, and Luís Navega, brought their expertise to the table.


The day concluded with a review of the insights gained during the mentoring sessions, followed by personalized mentoring sessions with Fernanda and Eugénia. As the day wrapped up, startups had the opportunity for an open and honest sharing session, expressing their likes and dislikes about this intensive day of learning and collaboration.

The Mentor Madness & Pitch Assessment day unfolded as an exceptionally enriching and invaluable experience, playing a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the startups within the immersive environment of the Madeira Startup Retreat.


This dynamic day not only provided a platform for startups to engage in meaningful connections but also served as a crucible for honing their pitch skills.

On January 18th, the spotlight shifted to Goals & KPIs. Startups delved into crafting specific objectives for their Madeira Startup Retreat journey. Fernanda encouraged them to envision their roadmap for the next 6 weeks and define their vision/purpose statement while strategically outlining their KPIs.


Each element was tasked with encapsulating their entire experience in one word. The diverse responses, ranging from “excited” and “curious” to “motivated” and “bonding,” reflected the unique and impactful journey they collectively embarked upon. Words like “inspired,” “flame-ghosted,” “thankful,” “grateful,” “crazy,” “refreshing,” “insightful,” and “grounded” further highlighted the multifaceted and enriching nature of their Madeira Startup Retreat encounter.


A heartfelt applause resonated for Fernanda’s and Eugénia’s outstanding facilitation, concluding with a group picture capturing the collective enthusiasm!

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