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Entering the second week of the Madeira Startup Retreat with fervor, the initial workshop became a crucible for defining and articulating our core values with precision and efficacy.

On January 22nd, the cohort of visionary entrepreneurs extended a warm welcome to João Casaca, the esteemed Senior Product Designer at Bliss Applications, who spearheaded an enlightening session on Value Creation.


The thematic focus revolved around the intricacies of Customer Definition and Customer Experience. João delved deep into the art of characterizing primary customer segments, unraveling the intricate dynamics of how, when, and with whom customers embark on their transformative journey.

In a business landscape characterized by uncertainty, João elucidated the challenge of understanding customers and underscored the pivotal role they play in the success of any venture.

Arming startups with invaluable tools, João emphasized the “Empathy Map” as a powerful instrument. This tool serves as a compass, aiding in the comprehensive understanding of customer profiles, needs, and the nuanced aspects of what they say, think, do, and feel.

Recognizing the essence of the human element, João highlighted the need to observe and engage in conversations to glean insights before customers transition from mere individuals to valued patrons.


João’s guidance extended to the nuanced art of crafting “Customer Personas.” He emphasized a focus on the problems and challenges individuals face, navigating a journey that inevitably involves learning through trials and errors.

Encouraging a holistic perspective, João advocated for contemplation of “What, Where, and Why,” urging startups to unravel the broader narrative to make it not only comprehensive but also understandable.

The morning session drew to a close with engaging exercises, including a group activity where participants were prompted to envision creating an advertisement in the newspaper for their ideal customer.

This exercise proved instrumental in crystallizing their perceptions and articulating how they would describe their perfect customer.

As the sun transitioned into the afternoon, the entrepreneurial odyssey continued with one-on-one mentoring sessions led by João Casaca.


These personalized interactions served as a catalyst for refining strategies, offering bespoke insights, and navigating the intricacies of each startup’s unique journey.

In this dynamic learning environment, foundational workshops like these lay the groundwork for transformative insights, strategic clarity, and collaborative growth in the unfolding weeks of the Madeira Startup Retreat.

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