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On January 23rd, Madeira Startup Retreat welcomed Patricia Soares da Costa, a seasoned Branding Consultant from Marquinista, as the day’s mentor. The session kicked off with each startup presenting a flash pitch, providing Patricia with a comprehensive overview of their respective products.

The day’s focus centered around the critical theme of Value Communication, and Patricia conducted an insightful workshop on Defining and Communicating Value Propositions.

This theme holds paramount importance in conveying how a company intends to deliver value to its customers. Patricia, emphasizing the simplicity of human nature, suggested that crafting straightforward messages is key to effectively communicating value.


During the workshop, Patricia highlighted the concept of “perceptionitis“, emphasizing that we all suffer from an inflammation of our perception. This insightful observation underscores the significance of managing how brands are perceived, acknowledging the subjective nature of human perception.

Your brand is not what you want it to be, I’m sorry, but it’s not. It’s what other people perceive when you communicate it.

The pivotal question arose: do brands matter? Patricia delved into the essence of a brand, defining it as a promise of an experience, such as trust. A brand, she explained, is a complex system comprising various elements. The way a product is displayed in a store, the quality of customer service, and the product’s overall quality are all integral components that contribute to the brand’s identity.

Patricia’s teachings extended to the fundamental aspects of branding, exploring the interconnected elements that shape a brand’s perception. The visual representation of a product, the customer’s experience in-store, and the product’s tangible quality collectively mold the brand’s outcomes.

As the startups absorbed Patricia’s expertise, they gained valuable insights into crafting compelling value propositions and understanding the intricacies of brand perception. The workshop provided a holistic view, emphasizing that successful brands are built on a foundation of trust and positive customer experiences.


In the captivating afternoon session, each startup embarked on an insightful one-on-one mentoring journey with Patrícia. This personalized mentoring experience delved into the intricacies of each startup’s unique venture, unraveling layers of potential and refining their brand communication strategies.

Patrícia’s wealth of expertise in the realm of branding became a beacon for the startups, guiding them through the nuances of crafting a compelling and resonant value proposition. The interactive sessions went beyond conventional approaches, encouraging startups to not only define but effectively communicate their core value to the discerning audience.

Patrícia’s mentoring sessions went beyond the theoretical realm, offering practical tools and frameworks. The startups were equipped with the prowess to distill complex messages into simple, impactful narratives that resonate with the inherent simplicity of human nature.

Through this personalized mentoring odyssey, each startup emerged not only with a refined value proposition but also a profound understanding of the pivotal role brand communication plays in shaping consumer perceptions.




In conclusion, Patricia Soares da Costa’s session proved to be a transformative experience for the startups, offering them a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate value propositions and shape brand perceptions.

The day ended with startups armed with newfound knowledge, ready to apply these insights to enhance their brands and create lasting connections with their target audiences.

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