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Diving headfirst into the realm of innovation, the recent week at Madeira Startup Retreat was a whirlwind of activity, thanks to the invigorating presence of HUB Azul Madeira in our workspace. This dynamic initiative, committed to propelling innovation in the BLUE ECONOMY, infused our workspace, and our startups, with a palpable energy.

In collaboration with a diverse array of public and private entities, and under the guidance of Fórum Oceano, HUB Azul Madeira is gearing up for an international call.


After an intense week, the need for a weekend recharge was unanimous. The convergence of startup enthusiasts and local hosts at Purple Friday marked the beginning of a weekend filled with activities.

From sweating it out on the dance floor to exploring the enchanting Levadas on Saturday, the weekend served as a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration amidst the captivating landscapes of Madeira.

As Week 3 commenced, the focus shifted towards realigning strategies for the exciting ventures ahead. Welcoming Rui Gouveia, Co-Founder & CIO of comOn Group, as our esteemed mentor, we delved into the intricacies of product strategy and value maximization.

On January 29th, Rui Gouveia led an insightful session on Product Strategy Review, providing invaluable insights into building products that maximize value and scale effectively.

Each day kicks off with quick flash pitches, allowing our invited mentor to get a brief introduction to all our startups.


Drawing from his extensive entrepreneurial journey, Rui introduced us to Build Up Labs, a startup studio in Lisbon specializing in ideating, building, and growing multiple startups simultaneously.


During the workshop, Rui unveiled a comprehensive Validation Framework, empowering startups to test ideas, plan niche go-to-market strategies, and find the elusive Product-Market fit.

The session concluded with each startup engaging in a flash-pitch, offering a glimpse into their unique perspectives and receiving constructive feedback.

In the afternoon, Rui engaged in personalized mentoring sessions with each startup. This one-on-one interaction provided an invaluable opportunity for startups to delve deeper into their specific challenges, seek guidance, and refine their strategies for success.




As the week unfolded, HUB Azul Madeira became a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and strategic insights. The fusion of collaborative efforts, mentorship, and weekend rejuvenation set the tone for an exciting journey ahead.

With a renewed focus and empowered strategies, the startups are poised to navigate the waves of innovation with confidence and purpose.

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