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On January 30th, our dynamic entrepreneurs had the privilege of hosting Gil Belford, Director of Corporate and Business Development at City Storage System, as their mentor.

Gil‘s strategic expertise in enhancing sales became evident as he conducted a workshop on “Is the Business Model Strategic

This insightful session extensively delved into the intricacies associated with the strategic process of scaling a business, placing particular emphasis on the dynamic and multifaceted aspects related to team development and management.


Covering various startup stages, from Pre-seed to Series A, Gil outlined crucial steps and goals for making informed decisions and charting the right course.

Highlighting the paramount importance of actively seeking feedback and fostering a comfort level with diverse opinions, Gil passionately instilled the crucial value of early-stage validation in the entrepreneurial journey.


Addressing the critical aspect of Market Fit, Gil stressed the need to align product development with the right audience. He highlighted the risk of having a good product but targeting the wrong demographic, underscoring the necessity of validating the product’s appeal and willingness to pay.

Moving into the advanced stages, particularly Series A, Gil elucidated concepts like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). He emphasized the interconnection between these metrics and the strategy of increasing value to enhance transaction frequency.

Dedicating a substantial portion of this valuable time, Gil engaged in an in-depth exploration of critical aspects such as Talent Hiring, Company Culture, and the strategic significance of Why and OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) in the intricate process of team building.

As part of the customary startup ritual, each entrepreneurial venture commenced the session with a succinct yet impactful 3-minute flash pitch, designed to conquer initial anxiety and set the stage for fruitful interactions.


In the afternoon, each startup had the privilege of engaging in personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions with Gil, further enriching their understanding and strategic approaches.




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