Local Knowledge: Madeira Library


On the 31st of January, we had the honor of hosting Nick Nedelchuk, the Founder of Locali, and a distinguished alumnus from our 3rd edition. Nick graciously shared his profound journey, offering invaluable insights into the challenges he faced during and after the program.

His narrative provided a deep understanding of the pivotal moments that propelled him to the current stage of success.

The afternoon provided startups with a precious opportunity for dedicated and focused work, allowing them to optimize their time and efforts. This strategic and personalized engagement guaranteed a diverse array of topics, elevating the startup teams’ comprehension of the islands.


Transitioning to February 1st, we meticulously curated an exceptional session featuring nine distinguished entrepreneurs from the vibrant Madeiran business terrain. Each entrepreneur, chosen for their expertise, embarked on a one-on-one interaction with participating teams, delving into specific themes and providing extensive insights about Madeira and Porto Santo.

This strategic approach ensured that diverse topics were covered, enriching the startup teams’ understanding of the islands. The overarching objective was to cultivate networking opportunities, broaden contacts, and unearth potential synergies and partnerships in Madeira.

Prior to immersing ourselves in the realms of the “Library,” we were privileged to partake in a presentation by Cora Teixeira, the Director of Services Tourism Qualification Services at Madeira Tourism Board.


The focus of this enlightening session was none other than the intricate tapestry of Sustainability within the Tourism Ecosystem in Madeira: Data, Challenges, and Opportunities.

Our destination is on the path to obtaining certification as a green destination, and Cora masterfully elucidated the intricate process we’ve embarked upon. She artfully unraveled the changes that have been implemented and articulated the ambitious goals set for the coming years.

The presentation was not just a discourse on sustainability; it was a captivating journey into the dynamic evolution of our destination towards a more eco-conscious and responsible future.

A resounding THANK YOU resonates with all the enterprising entrepreneurs who wholeheartedly embraced and contributed to this enriching and collaborative endeavor. Their valuable contributions have not only expanded the knowledge base of our startup teams but have also laid the foundation for potential collaborations and synergies within the dynamic business landscape of Madeira.

From Madeira Sustainable for All we had Cora Teixeira, Director of Services Tourism Qualification Services @ Madeira Tourism Board.


From Hotels & Events we had Alexandra Viveiros, Director of Relations Manager @ Pestana CR7.


From Leisure Activities we had Jhonathan Rodrigues,  CEO & Founder @ Madeira Adventure Kingdom.


From Community we had Luís Calado,  Co-Founder @ Madeira International Friends.


From Gastronomy & Local Culture we had Andreia Basílio,  Teacher @ Universidade da Madeira.


From Fintech we had Pedro Camacho,  CEO | Executive Director @ Nearsoft.


From Short Term Rentals we had Rodrigo Rodrigues,  Partner @ An Island Apart.


From Sustainability at Hospitality we had Roland Bachmeier,  Director @ ACIF-Câmara de Comércio e Indústria da Madeira.


From Yatch & Luxury we had Pedro Mendes Gomes,  CEO & Founder @ Clever Demand.


The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by both Nick Nedelchuk and the participating entrepreneurs exemplify the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that defines our startup community.

As we continue on this journey of exploration and growth, these interactions serve as catalysts for innovative ideas, strategic partnerships, and a stronger, more interconnected entrepreneurial ecosystem in Madeira.

In conclusion, the week was a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas, providing our startups with a rich tapestry of experiences to propel them toward future success.

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