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Setting sail on a voyage of knowledge and innovation, February 6th marked another milestone at Madeira Startup Retreat with the arrival of Fernando Jardim – Sales Manager at Startup Genome.

As our dynamic entrepreneurs gathered, Fernando’s seasoned expertise in Growth Hacking & Marketing illuminated strategic avenues to amplify followership, viewership, and customer engagement.

With each insightful revelation, Fernando empowered our entrepreneurial spirits to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital growth and market expansion.


As the session commenced, Fernando shared insights into his professional journey, setting the stage for an enriching workshop. Central to the discussion was the concept of Pirate Metrics: AARRR, a quintet of user-behavior metrics crucial for product-led growth ventures.

Acquisition: How do users discover our product or company?

Activation: Are users engaging with the product as intended?

Retention: Do activated users continue to interact with the product?

Referral: Are users advocating for the product to others?

Revenue: Are users willing to pay for the product?


These metrics serve as pillars for understanding customer behavior, optimizing the sales funnel, and setting actionable goals for startups. AARRR framework is widely endorsed for its simplicity and effectiveness in measuring company growth.

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, aptly summarized the essence of customer engagement:

“It’s better to have 100 people love you than to have 1,000,000 people like you.”

Fernando emphasized the importance of quality over quantity in building lasting customer relationships.

The morning session was both engaging and enlightening, with Fernando highlighting key platforms to leverage for growth. The mentoring sessions, conducted individually, provided startups with personalized guidance to navigate their unique growth trajectories.

As the day unfolded, Fernando’s insights continued to inspire and empower our entrepreneurs, fueling their quest for sustainable growth and success.

With each interaction, the foundation for future achievements was strengthened, propelling startups closer to their goals.




Stay tuned as we accelerate growth and unlock boundless opportunities for success.

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