Mentors: 4th Edition

Antonio Nabais de Carvalho

Coordinator @ Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Catarina Holstein

Talent Strategist - NOVA SBE

Cécile Roger

Country Manager Portugal - Ignition Program

Fernando Nahat Jardim

Founder - Tripr

Gil Belford

Strategic Partnerships- Stealth Startup

Helga Saraiva-Stewart

Exec. Director - NOVA SBE Sales Lab

Joana Geraldes Barba

Program & Community Manager - Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Manuel Melo

Team Leader at Business Transformation Team - NOVA SBE

Miguel Barbosa

Investment Director Tourism BU - Portugal Ventures

Patrícia Soares da Costa

CEO and Branding Consultant - Marquinista

Rui Gouveia

Co-Founder & CIO - comOn Group

Tiago Araújo

CEO & Co-Founder - HiJiffy

Wendy van Leeuwen

Co-Founder - Secret City Trails

*More mentors will soon be announced!

Operational Team

Carlos Soares Lopes

CEO - Startup Madeira

Euclides Major

Executive Director - Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Joana Barba

Program & Community Manager - Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Micaela Vieira

Project Manager - Startup Madeira

Local Hosts

....Loading... The Local Host are going to be revealed in September!

Support & Financial Team

Diogo Perestrelo

Project Assistant - Startup Madeira

Liliana Pimenta

Senior Financial Officer - Startup Madeira

Márcio Gouveia

Project Assistant - Startup Madeira

Nádia Lemos

Senior Project Manager - Startup Madeira