This document contains the rules and regulations for the upcoming Madeira Startup Retreat. In order to participate in the program, you are advised to read and acknowledge the rules and regulations set forth in this document. It is equally advisable and highly recommended, that there is comprehension and compliance with the rules and regulations.


Madeira Startup Retreat, promoted by Startup Madeira, Turismo de Portugal, and Nova School of Business and Economics, takes place from January 15th to February 23rd, 2024, in Madeira Island, Portugal.
It aims at welcoming and working with 10 Tourism & Travel related Startups. Not only does it imply relocation, but also working and sharing business experience on Madeira Island.
During the venue, all participants will be assisted and accompanied by local hosts.

02. AIMS

The Madeira Startup Retreat aims at helping each startup gain more knowledge, find pioneering ideas and inspiration, boost their Startup, as well as, increase their networking. An assessment of the business, the product, and the market of each startup will be made and a personalized plan will be devised to fit the characteristics of each startup.

With this program, not only will you be able to improve company culture, but also enjoy leisure opportunities. Our program has carefully planned intensive networking events, training, workshops, and leisure activities for your work and pleasure.


The Madeira Startup Retreat expects to work with a limited number of 10 startups. Each team can have between two and four members.


Registration for the Madeira Startup Retreat is done online, through a designated platform, from November 1st - 30th, 2023.

Please note: The registration deadline is November 30th, 2023, at 23:59 (Portugal time).


a) Registration is open to all male and female participants. Only Tourism and Travel startups operating nationally and/or internationally can apply, but these need to be previously established and already functioning.

b) Startups operating in more than one market and that have active clients and/or users will be preferred. During registration, each startup has to enumerate valid and objective reasons why they want to participate. It is advisable that these be consistent with the objectives and aims of the program and the Madeira Startup Retreat.

c) Startups not belonging to the EU will need to get a Schengen VISA. If assistance is needed in the application for a 90-day visa, the Madeira Startup Retreat’s organization will gladly assist you.

Note: Assistance can only be guaranteed after your application has been accepted.

d) The selection of the final 10 Startups will be made by a jury, which consists of members from, Turismo de Portugal, NEST, Startup Madeira and NOVA School of Business and Economics, a partner of the Madeira Startup Retreat. The criteria are based on the three aforementioned aspects and all decisions are final and cannot be challenged.


a) Registration/application period: From the 1st until the 30th of November, 2023.
b) By December 15th, each startup will have received confirmation (via email) of their registration and results.


a) There are no tuition fees and no equity stake.
b) Each startup team will get 2.500€ to cover relocation expenses to Madeira Island. These may include travel expenses, accommodation, meals, etc.

The 2.500€ sum is payable in two stages:
- The 1st one (1.250€) on January 15th, 2024 (on arrival to Madeira Island);
- The 2nd one (1.250€) on February 2nd, 2024.

c) Payments will only be processed after each startup hands in the respective invoices.


Fully equipped working office space will be provided to all participants.


Respecting previously established check-in times and places is mandatory. All participants must arrive before or until the morning of the launching event on February 15th, 2023, for they need to present at the launch.


Over a period of 6-weeks, startups will be analyzed and new ideas or suggestions will be applied to their companies, products, and markets.

Specific purposes and themes have been allotted to each week:
- Week 1: RE-shape your FUTURE (Startup Assessment)
- Week 2: RE-design VALUE (Customer & Value Proposition)
- Week 3: RE-align STRATEGY (Product Strategy & Sales)
- Week 4: RE-launch GROWTH (Doing Business & Scale)
- Week 5: RE-expand your IMPACT (Team Potential & Growth)
- Week 6: RE-connect and GO (Pitch + Demo Day)

For more details about the program, visit the official website:
In addition to mentoring and workshops, the 10 registered startups will have leisure activities at their disposal.

Note: The program will always be in English.


On no account can the organization be held accountable for deliberate theft and innocent infringement of intellectual property or of things like the lack of originality and/or the publishing of ideas, projects, and ideas.

For this reason, participants wanting to patent their business, ideas, projects, and concepts and/or register the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of their ideas/business, are encouraged to do so at their own responsibility.


The Madeira Startup Retreat will help each startup team relocate to Madeira from January 15th until February 23rd, 2024. A list of suggested accommodations during the program for each startup will be provided by the organization. As soon as your registration is accepted, the organization will kindly guide and assist you in the booking process.
While in Madeira, a local host will be assigned to help and support each startup team.


For some reason, after having registered you need to withdraw, a replacement startup will automatically stand in. The startup chosen will be among the teams that registered for this program but weren’t initially selected for the final 10.

On completion of the registration process and the application form for the Madeira Retreat Program, you hereby must agree and accept the abovementioned terms, rules, and conditions.

Interest Form (Next Edition)

Although the applications aren't open for next batch (2025), you can now submit an interest form and our team will reach out to you by the time you'll be able to register for Madeira Startup Retreat!