Madeira Startup Retreat welcomed 9 international startups from 7 countries:

The 1st edition had 27 entrepreneurs, with 12 nationalities, that worked, learned, and shared experiences @ Madeira Island.

> Austria
> The Netherlands
> India
> Italy
> Macedonia
> United Kingdom
> Russia

It really helped me rethink about our internal processes and approach we took in our Startup and helped us redefine our goals and strategies.

Vishal Kejariwal

A fresh beginning, a new outlook, a new way of life and most importantly, a new world of opportunities, ideas, and improvements.

Abhas Desai Taxidio

Great experience, networking and real test for the startup

Antonio Kuzmanovski When In X

I have lots of amazing friends and I am really happy to join the program. 2 months in Madeira gave me an opportunity to focus my business.

Yeşer Sarıyıldız LifePinner

By far the best part was to meet other startups who are going through the same problems.

Everett James Gym Nomad

61 startups from 25 countries** applied to Madeira Startup Retreat

**25 countries: Austria (1), Brazil (4), Bulgaria (3), Egypt (1), France (3), Germany (2), Iran (1), India (10), Italy (3), Lithuania (1), Luxembourg (1), Macedonia (1), Netherlands (3), Pakistan (1), Poland (1), Portugal (3), Russia (1), South Korea (1), Slovenia (1), Spain (3), Tanzania (1), Turkey (2), UK (8), USA (4) and Venezuela (1).