REshape your FUTURE (week1)

The 1st week went by so fast. It was definitely an intensive week but it was also fun.

So, since Monday, all the startups started their engines:
> Welcome & assessment
> Learn methodologies
> Tourism & travel industry future and trends

From NOVA School of Bussiness and Economics (SBE), Madeira Startup Retreat received 8 Master Students that worked closely with the startups on the 1st week. The main idea was to identify the teams and startup strong and weak points and provide a strategy with milestones for the 8 weeks.

These students were followed by Teresa Mannebach, Teaching Assistant at NOVA SBE, that presented everyone with a workshop about Business Model.

We welcomed as well 3 mentors:

Rui Quinta, managing partner – With Company – gave a workshop about Design Thinking. A perfect way to also get everyone to meet each other and learn new ideas about the costumer and products.

Filipe Santiago, managing partner – BlueShift – gave a talk about Tourism Trends and presented the Blue Ocean Strategy with a work-session assessment.

Finally, on Wednesday, Constança Casquinho – Professor at NOVA SBE, talked about Problem Solving and worked together with the all the participants.