Team & Culture

This week is all about re-engaging your Team & Culture.

Be the change
> Leadership
> Culture
> Identity

On Monday Pedro Moura talked about Vision, Mission, and Identity. The Co-founder & Executive Partner of MapIdea, explained the importance of the need for an identity, speed, and focus. Each startup had to (re)think about their Mission, Vision, and Values, with a few moments reserved for an intermission.

Nuno Simões, Partner of Gymboree Play and Music, gave a workshop on Team and Work Culture. Finding the right scale to find balance, priorities between urgent vs not urgent and modeling behavior and attitude, were one of the many topics that Nuno addressed. 

Tuesday Pedro Moura, Nuno Simões came back to talk individually with the startups for a Mentoring Session, with the help of João Carreiro, the program director.

We wrapped up the day with the Leadership’s session, by Nuno Simões and finally, No Bullshit Entrepreneurship, by Pedro Moura

Definitely a great start for a productive and creative week ahead.