Start using your senses for planetary good

Envirate is a smartphone App that allows users to evaluate the state of the environment around them. From a scale of 1 to 10, you can rate the air you breathe, what your surroundings look like, and the level of noise in your current location. All of this, simply by looking, hearing and breathing. These ratings, in turn, show up on 1 of the 3 maps available to all registered users.

With Envirate we can create a new global early warning system to environmental degradations/catastrophes. Moreover, this Startup says it’s a unique platform for new environmental data that is hugely valuable to businesses, laymen, and policymakers.

As we all know, we’re used to the rating system of hotels, food, restaurants… With Envirate, you can do the same for the environment!

Straightly from Finland, Envirate will join Madeira Startup Retreat for 8 weeks.

Envirate is available at