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The second edition of Madeira Startup Retreat has officially begun!

On Monday, February 4th, the 9 startups started to arrive at their new HQ’s: Colégio dos Jesuitas, located at the heart of Funchal’s city.

After introducing the program, it was time to the Regional Government of Madeira, represented by the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture – Paula Cabaço – officially welcome the Startups.

Cristina Salsinha, Project Manager of Turismo de Portugal, talked about the atmosphere that Portugal is living at the moment and how it’s Building a Travel & Tourism International Hub for Innovation.

The event proceeded with Miguel Muñoz Duarte, one of the creators of the Madeira Startup Retreat. He talked with us about The Entrepreneurship Scene in Portugal and in Europe.

Considering that the core of the program is Tourism & Travel, our Keynote Speaker had to be someone who had a lot to share about it. The choice was perfect: Catarina Holstein told us about The MLA – Master in Life Adventures – concept how she sees the world as a classroom.

Now it was time to introduce the startups: BookBySlot (India); CycliGO! (Lithuania); Envirate (Finland); Flyright (USA); Instaviagem (Brazil); (Poland); Portugal Farm Experiences (Portugal); Totte (Spain); Yoospot (UK).

Each startup came up to the stage, where Carlos Soares Lopes, CEO of Startup Madeira, and José Carmo, Rector of the University of Madeira, welcomed them with a symbolic Key and Madeira Book. They represent the opening of new opportunities, progress and a new chapter of their Startup.

An inspiring way to launch this edition!