Branding, Business Development & Dolphins!

February 19th was all about digging into how strong each startup brand; how to care about the brand; and is it communicating the right message? But most importantly, which tools can be used to measure it.

Rui Gouveia, Co-Founder & CIO of comOn Group and CEO of Build Up Labs visited us during all day to help us explore this topic. 

After each startup flash-pitch and feedback, it was time to hear Rui present his experience as an entrepreneur. He shared with us the Build Up Labs’ Portfolio and gave a few examples of APPS: TapMyBack – an app that celebrates the good work – and F*ck Mary Kill.

As Branding and Business Development was the main subject of this workshop, our startups were challenged to design their Golden Circle, Brand Voice, Brand Personality, and Competitive Landscape.

In the afternoon Rui had one-on-one mentoring sessions with each Startup. This way we kept adding VALUE, pursuing to launch GROWTH.

But the day wasn’t over yet, as we welcomed one local entrepreneur,  Pedro Mendes Gomes from Rota dos Cetáceos that told us about his passion about SEA and how he followed his dream.