Self, Team and Pitch Assessment

The fourth edition of Madeira Startup Retreat just started, and we already had two busy days with interesting talks and time to reconnect!

On October 7th and 8th, our entrepreneurs welcomed Catarina Holstein –  Team Leader at NOVA SBE Venture Lab and Joana Geraldes Barba – Entrepreneurship Area Manager at NOVA SBE Venture Lab, as their mentors on Self, Team and Pitch Assessment.

October 7th was dedicated to Self and Team Assessment, we started the day with a warmup session hosted by Catarina Holstein, that consisted in an exercise with Singing Bowls to relax, clean and focus the mind.

After this, Catarina guided each startupper in exercises of Self awareness exercises, so they could share more about themselves and the team.

“Less doing, more being..”

In the afternoon, Catarina was able to share her life story and what lead her to be where she is now. Driven by the desire to discover her true vocation, in February 2017, she left her job in London as a Global Brand Manager to travel the world for a year.

During this time, she took the opportunity to acquire different skills and competences that helped her to develop her talents and passions. She went through a personal development program that she called “MLA – Master in Life Adventures”, enjoying the world as a classroom.

“I made a choice that led to an idea, and my decisions started here.”

Catarina believes that everybody is born with talents and the more we explore and develop them, the more one understands the unlimitedness of our human potential. With that in mind, we are ready to give it a push through the next 6 weeks of Madeira Startup Retreat and help develop our entrepreneur’s talents.

To end the day, we all shared our main conclusions.

On October 8th, the focus shifted too Pitch Assessment.

It was asked to each Startup to prepare and present a 3-minute pitch about their core business and what consist their product. Joana Barba led them in the first part of the morning, throughout presentation and Q&A, it was exciting to see them communicate and share their point of view with one another.

It allowed a deeper analysis on of how others perceive their businesses and how well they can communicate it to others.

In the second part of the morning, we had the Mentors Madness Online and (oh boy!) it was really a  useful Madness.

It consisted in fast mentoring  sessions in different  online rooms. Each Startup swirled between different rooms and talked with different mentors. They had to explain their business succinctly and the mentors would help them to define the goals and objectives they should focus on during the next 6 weeks.

For mentors we had, António Marinho Torres, Euclides Major, João Castro, Marta Sousa Pires, Mariana Baptista, Miguel Alves Ribeiro and Salvador Burnay Barros.

The afternoon was dedicated to reviewing these findings and to mentoring sessions with Joana.

Before ending the day, each startup presented their goals and objectives.