2nd Day: Work, Popcorn & Cha Cha!

On the second day Vera Chaves and Tiago Santa Clara, from imatch,  worked closely and brought a lot of energy to the Hackathon.

Our morning started with a World Cafe. The teams had the opportunity to discuss their challenge solutions ideas with 5 experts. This way they shared experiences, tips, local notion, and feedback.

Each team talked for 20 minutes with each expert: Paulo Chainho (Altice Labs), Frederico Santos (ENTER Startup), Carlos Soares Lopes (Startup Madeira), Gil Belford (Hole 19), José Damião (NOVA) and Vera Chaves (imatch).

The mentors invited by NOVA SBE, Gil, and José had also the opportunity to learn more about the entrepreneurs, and their ideas through the day.

The afternoon was reserved to work, popcorn and Cha Cha!