1st Hackathon: Teams Monkey & Chicken were the winners!

After an intensive 3 days of Hackathon, it was finally time to pitch the solutions.

We had 7 teams:  Team Monkey, Team CowTeam Pig, Team ElephantTeam Chicken, Team Sheep and Team Snake.

The morning started with a great energizer: Charades. Definitely, a great and funny way to start the third day. Who knew that imitating a flipper would be that funny?

After wrapping up the final pitches it was time for the solutions. We started the afternoon with 2 inspirational talks. Gil Belford (Hole 19) and José Damião (Madan Parque) brought inspiration and great energy to the afternoon.

Each team had 3 minutes to pitch plus 3 minutes Q&A from the jury.

Finally, it was time to declare the winners:

>Team Monkey – “Transportify”

>Team Chicken with – “Whats this”