REvisit your STRATEGY

On the 4th week, it was all about taking a look back:
> Market & Competition
> Business Development
> Idea and Customer Validation

On Monday morning we started with a talk by Tiago Franco, CEO at Imaginary Cloud. On his talk about Strategy, Mkt & Sales, Franco started by trying to identify the most difficult task in any company and the strategy. Franco also mentioned the product market, market fit, niches, users, and Software Development. Franco finalized his talk with “Marketing and Sales” for startups.

This week we also welcomed Paulo Fonseca, Founder and User Experience Director at Laux.
Fonseca talked about Idea and Customer Validation. He started by explaining the process: research, strategy, design, testing, and iterate. To give better examples and perspective, the startups had to do several exercises. To wrap up, Fonseca did a workshop about Proto Personas where everyone had to write down a profile (persona) of a client.

As for the invited local entrepreneur, Mónica Viveiros from MadSea, introduced her company and product. It was the perfect excuse to go outside and take a group photo.