Metrics & Finances

It’s always important to talk about Metrics, Finances, and Pricing.

Mario Mouraz, the co-founder & CEO at Climber Hotel, was at Madeira Startup Retreat last week. Firstly he talked about Management by Metrics and then it was time to work on everyone’s Pricing Strategy.

The startups had the opportunity to hear about Inbound and Outbound Sales, Mario’s tips to a good sale.

On February 20th, mentioned the importance of Marketing, an area that he considered the fuel of the team. Taking his business as an example, Mario also identified Pricing as well as Sales Tracking & Ratios as main factors.

Mario also spoke about Quotas, noting that everyone in the sales cycle needs one.

Mario was at Madeira Startup Retreat for all the day long and his final tips were: establish a vision for your business, set bold goals and create an action plan.