Hackathon with VINCI Airports

VINCI Airports is our partner for the 2nd Hackathon.

This is the 7th week and it’s time for the 2nd Hackathon, this time by VINCI Airports and Ana – Aeroportos de Portugal. Yesterday afternoon, two challenges were presented. Francisco Fernandes, Ingrid Lourenço and Artur Arnedo represented the corporate. 

For a better introduction to the problem, nothing better than talking with 

Stakeholders.  Francisco Fernandes (Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport), Iolanda Lopes (GroundForce), Isabel Teles (Windsor Travel) and André Loja (Travel to Madeira) spent a couple of hours talking about their own business experience. 

Immersion, inspiration, imagination, incubation, and implementation. These are the steps that all of the startups have to follow these days. Once again, the hackathon is being guided by the imatch team: Vera Chaves, Patrícia Cuenca and Tiago Santa Clara.