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Madeira Startup Retreat: 2nd Edition

The Madeira Startup Retreat is promoted by Startup Madeira, the Portuguese Tourism Board and NOVA School of Business and Economics.

It will take place between the 4th February and 29th March 2019 in Madeira Island, Portugal.

The purpose is to welcome 8 national and international startups focused on Tourism & Travel. For 8 weeks, each startup will relocate, work and share business experience in Madeira Island. Each startup will be granted €4,000 for expenses.

The aim of the Madeira Startup Retreat is to help each startup to gain more knowledge, find pioneering ideas and inspiration, boost their startup and increase their networking.

This Retreat not only enables and improves company culture but also promotes relaxation opportunities to all participants. Each startup will partake in intensive networking events, training, workshops and leisure activities.

The registrations for the Madeira Startup Retreat can be done at:


The registration period is from 1st to 30th of November 2018.

In our website, you can find more information and details about the Madeira Startup Retreat.