Investment Process in Startups

The legal subject is always important.

Considering the crucial meaning of the law, SRS Advogados were our partners. On March 7th, Paulo Bandeira traveled from Lisbon to Madeira to discuss “Investment Process in Startups”.

Firstly, Paulo mentioned the Company Incorporation in Portugal, Venture Capital, and Investment Agreement.

Explaining all the process by phases, Paulo started by describing the Term-Sheet, then the Due Diligence,  followed by Investment. In this last case,  he stated the Shareholders Agreement and its main impact.

His second topic was about Startup Visa. This is a residence visa for entrepreneurs, which aims to attract to Portugal investment, talent, and innovation capacity. Since March 15th, entrepreneurs from around the world can apply online.

Based here, at Madeira Island, Magna Escórcio and Cristina Dioníso informed all of us about Madeira and why it can be the best location for your business.