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Building our path…

On the second day, Tomás Sousa de Abreu and  Victor Micu, both from the NOVA SBE Venture Lab, kicked-off the retreat program with the arrow of life!  An introspect exercise of looking into themselves considering their past, present, and future.

To get everyone focused, calm and into a concentrated state, it was time to meditate. A great way to take a good look at their life and getting to learn themselves better.

In the afternoon Victor and Tomás talked about Personal, Team and Startup Values. Each startup reflected on their values: Personal, Team, and Startup. Later on,  everyone got the chance to share and present their core Startup Values.

A Challenging day to everyone, so they could all get outside of their routine, take the time to see what truly matters to them and what truly makes them happy! A day to Explore Ourselves, Discover our Values and Build Our Path.