Let’s Think about the WHY…

Joana Barba and Marta Egídio Pereira spent two days with us @ Madeira Startup Retreat, so the Startups could define their Startup Team Status and set the 8 Week’s Plan.

For that, we worked around the Business Model Assessment and Strategy. Getting back to the very beginning, focusing on the What – How – Why. ‘Why‘ was the main question and the core of Wednesday. To shake things up, everyone thought about the reason why they are entrepreneurs and why they started their business in the first place.

To set everyone’s Goals, it was time to define audacious objectives.  Always taking in consideration that they should be significant, concrete, action-oriented and inspirational. To start achieving all of these goals that were set until March 29th, we needed a Tool > OKR’s.

To set & measure goals we used the OKR’s. Then the teams worked together, thinking about the future and the 8 Week Plan. The OKR Implementation Timeline was created by each Startup. Now is time to move on to the next step of the Madeira Startup Retreat Mountain’s climbing: Week 2 > RE-design VALUE.