Customer Segment Revisit

The former CMO in inviita, Bernardo Véstia, was our first mentor of the 2nd week.

Bernardo started his talk by sharing his entrepreneur story, what he learned about since the very beginning until the sale of the startup.

Considering his experience and know-how, Bernardo help each startup to identify the target market of a Startup. After each flash pitch, and feedback, it was time to talk about the Market, Competitors, Personas, and Surveys.

To help to visualize the Market Segmentation, the startups did a game of cards to build their persona.

Bernardo kicked off the afternoon with an exercise of Market Segmentation, challenging our Startups to design a restaurant and its’ menu based on Personas randomly selected from a card deck. Once the tools were acquired, it was time for each Startup to create their own Market Segmentation Board, Costumer Personas and Surveys.

A great day to start thinking about assumptions, facts, customers… and one special questions: “what motivates your client to buy your product? Why?!”