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Do what you CAN’T!

Take a deep look at what you are offering to your customers!

So the startups could look deeper to what they are offering to their customers, the second day of the week was guided by Fernando Moreira, Founder of Angry Ventures.

He started by sharing his experience with an inspirational and unfiltered talk. Besides explaining his journey as an entrepreneur and the concept of  Angry Ventures, Fernando gave a few inspirational and practical examples of ideas, entrepreneurs, books, and tips.

Fernando explained to us the thinking process and brain activity (EEG) in different situations. It is important to assess our proposition value under a calm and conscious state since this state generates better ideas. So we could really understand how it all impacts our vision and decisions, we all did a couple of Anti Monkey Mind Exercises.

-“Growth is not a goal that we want to achieve, It’s a consequence.”-

Fernando helped the startups rethink the growth-focused perspective by using a  Validation Process. This orientated them to find ways to validate their idea, product, business model canvas, etc. For better visualization, method and organization the entrepreneurs did a  Value Proposition vs Customers/ People exercise; a Hypothesis Form Exercise; & worked on their Validation & Strategy Canvas.

The afternoon was saved to a one-on-one mentoring session with each startup, that definitely added even more VALUE.

»Title of the article taken from the video (with the same name) of Casey Neistat – that was shown during the morning’s talk.