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Everything is a REmix!

The main gold of the 4th week was to RE-start SOMETHING!

Based on Google Ventures Design, this Sprint lasted for 3 days (25th, 26th, and 27th February). The startups started by identifying an issue, think about solutions and create a prototype that could be tested and validated.

To guide this Sprint we welcomed Joana Roquette, Assistant Project Manager at NOVA SBE Venture Lab, and Teresa Mannebach, Teaching Assistant at NOVA SBE.

On Day 1, was all about figuring out the problems. To that, they did a write-storming exercise so they could identify and select top issues. The startups then mapped the stakeholder’s interaction in which they occur.

By the end of the day, the startups already had their own map and picked a Target.  They knew better about their Sprint’s Focus and the main problem they wanted to solve.

On Tuesday, day 2,  was focused on the SOLUTION.

Our teams started the day by revisiting their Monday’s exercise.  All of the startups shared their solutions – even if others might have found for similar issues (Remember, everything is a REMIX!)! Then they did a write-storming exercise, for other solution ideas, and started to sketch different variations of the same solution.

By the end of the day, each startup presented its decision and receive written feedback from each participant,. Form this moment on was finally time to start to fine-tuning their solution!

The last Sprint day was to BUILD. All about prototyping! It all started with creating a storyboard that would illustrate the step-by-step course of the solution. It was followed by designing, as detailed as possible, a prototype that exemplifies how the final solution might look like. At last, testing the prototype with one another.

But in the middle of all this busy schedule, there was still time for some fun – a Battle Royale of Rock, Paper, Scissors!