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RE-invent your IMPACT

From Monday to Tuesday, March 18th and 19th, we welcomed Diogo Silva and Jesper Carvalho Andersen to guide the teams through how to pitch and how to impact, respectively.

Diogo Silva was our mentor and speaker during both mornings. His topic was all about ‘How to Pitch‘. It brought to our teams more know-how on what to say and how to say it. It included moments of pitch practice and feedback. Not only that, Diogo gave tips on the messenger and the message: the tone and voice placement, posture, use of silence, gesticulation, and eye-contact.

He proceeded with information about data study and preparation, personalizing the problem, fact-based focus on emotions. As we said on the last blog post, we understand the power of image, so Diogo shared tips on photos, icons, colors, text, and so much more.

Jesper Carvalho Andersen, Globalizer and Capitalizer, mentored a workshop on ‘How to Impact’!

He started with the most basic question: “What do you want to hear from me about impact? This is your opportunity to learn something that you care about instead of me talking about something that I care about!”. 

As the day went on, the entrepreneurs talked about social impact, expected outcomes of the impact, and preparation by eliminating uncertainty. Jesper also did role-playing with the teams, allowing them to dissect each team “impact dialogue” to list the different Ways and Means to impact.  All of these tips were followed by real-life experiences that he’s acquired throughout different moments..

And if all this wasn’t enough, on Tuesday afternoon each startup had a one-on-one mentoring session with Jesper, making this week a very impactful one indeed!

“To discuss issues – that is not a negative thing, it is not personal, it is necessary!” – Jesper Carvalho Andersen