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#Unskippable > Workshop about Instagram

On Friday, March 15th, the entrepreneurs from instaviagem, Vinicyus Vieira, Priscila Mattos and Fernando Palacios conducted the workshop #Unskippable > how to develop your Instagram account into a purposeful content system!

We couldn’t have asked for a better workshop: #pratical and #intuitive! 

Vinicyus kicked off the morning by making us think about photography, its patterns, shapes and colors. For this, he guided us into an exercise of individual perspective, designed to inspire our entrepreneurs into creating a visually appealing Instagram.

Priscila joined in to talk about how to make the best use out of hashtags, Instagram metrics and her rule of 10% return. All of this was covered with practical exercises, aimed at turning everyone into hashtag-experts!

And, last – but not least – Fernando ended the workshop with the best story ever told: the story of how storytelling has moved people throughout history! Fernando, a natural storyteller, also shared with us his best tips on how to better tell our own story!

As startups and entrepreneurs, we understand the power of image and content! This workshop was indeed valuable, to all of us; not only as Instagram and Social Media Users but also as storytellers! #Valeu!!