Communication & Product

With the second week’s focus on Re-designing Value, the topic for January 21st was Value Communication & Product.
For such, we welcomed Patrícia Soares da Costa – CEO & Branding Consultant at Marquinista – and Marcelino Moreno – Principal Product Manager at Talkdesk – as mentors on the subjects at hand.


Starting the day with a flash pitch from each startup, soon Patrícia took over for a workshop on The Value of your Brand. In fact, Patrícia mostly challenged the entrepreneurs to rethink their assumptions, showcasing different campaigns with relatively simple but effective production costs that play with people’s perceptions and expectations.

“Your brand is not what you want it to be, I’m sorry, it’s really not. It’s what other people perceive when you communicate it.”


Touching on subjects such as unique value proposition, brand expectations, passed message vs. perceived message, Patrícia made one thing really clear:

“Really mean something, really be relevant, really put your audience first, really play with perception, and really push the border and banish the idea of limits.”

To show how their message can be perceived differently, the startups were challenged with an exercise: a Freaky-Friday Swap of a Pitch! Let us explain: startups switched their roles and pitched each other’s business, serving as a test on their ability to pass their unique values to others.IMG_5428

The morning ended with a talk on Product Management by Marcelino Moreno, who started by quickly presenting himself and his work background – software engineering, consulting and project management, entrepreneurship and startup co-founding – but soon dived into what product management is and how to best succeed and best fail at it.


Marcelino provided some guidelines to build a successful product, explaining that the process of finding and developing the solution to our identified problem doesn’t have to follow a set order or template, it can be an innovative way, as long as it gets to the solution.

“If you are feeling overwhelmed, forget everything but this: Have a clear vision, measurable goals, ship and iterate, have clear communication, a minimum viable team, and don’t try to do it alone.”

And after such a rich morning, our startups enthusiastically spent the rest of the day taking advantage of the one-on-one mentoring sessions!