RE-design VALUE!

After a mesmerizing road-trip on Saturday, the 18th, our startups are fully prepared for the second week!

To help the entrepreneurs Re-design Value, on January 20th we welcomed Fernando Moreira – Founder of Angry Ventures – for a workshop on ‘Value Proposition Review‘.

After a flash startup pitch, Fernando shortly introduced himself, but soon shifted into a more disruptive approach to the subject, providing “not good answers, but better questions”.


Starting with a few disclaimers such as “I don’t know what I’m doing”, “No one knows anything” and “Do what you can’t”, Fernando used some real-life examples to promote an out-of-the-box mindset and an assumption-free problem-solving spirit.

Fernando also explored the dangers of being super focused as opposed to calmly conscious and compared it to using the margins of a book. All the content is present in the text, but the notes that you add to the margins represent the search for the in-depth implicit meaning behind it, and doing so allows for a complete understanding of the product – not just the what, but the why.


Of course, there was much more to be discussed, and each startup had a chance to do so during the afternoon on a one-on-one mentoring session.

“Most times I see people decide to start a company, but I never get “why?!”, “Most times all I see is people wanting to create a company and get some money out of it… but never see a purpose, a deeper purpose to it.”

“Take a step back, breathe in, relax and listen to yourself… because you know what to do, you know… sometimes all the noise, the team, investors, your fears, and all that small white noise distracts you from your needs and convictions.