Customer Relationship & Business Development

The  3rd week of Madeira Startup Retreat ’20 has officially started, and it’s all about Growth Hacking!

On January 27th, Tiago Baleizão – Retail Business Unit Lead at Sandoz – joined the startups on a day dedicated to Customer Relationship & Business Development. Starting by briefly presenting himself and his work experience, Tiago soon got to know the participating startups through a flash pitch.

After having a better idea of each startup’s strengths and struggles, Tiago dedicated the morning to discussing customer relationships and all related subjects, such as:

  • customer insight
  •  segmentation
  • targeting and profiling
  • engagement
  • personas
  • loyalty
  • journey and experience
  • customer relationship management.


But it wasn’t all talk! Our entrepreneurs had plenty of opportunities to practice these tasks throughout the morning with some exercises guided by Tiago.

During the afternoon each startup had the chance to go deeper into their difficulties on these subjects, in a one-on-one mentoring session with Tiago that could have, literally, gone on for days.

“The customers from today might not be the customers from the future.”

“You might have the right product, but you might be pitching it to the wrong client.”

“With customer journey and experience you can understand where you lose customers and improve that part that isn’t working very well; and also understand where you can conquer them.”