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Business Model Review & Growth

Carrying on with the 3rd week’s topic “Growth Hacking“, on January 28th Gil Belford – General Manager at Fever & Lisboa Secreta – joined our entrepreneurs for a workshop on Business Model Review & Growth.
To start the day, as usual, each startup did a 3-minute flash pitch, and after introductions were made, it was time for Gil to share some knowledge on the Stages of a Company, Customer Acquisition Cost, and Customer’s Lifetime Value.


But that wasn’t all, Gil also dedicated some time exploring Talent Hiring, the Company’s Culture, and how the WHY and OKR’s can help in building a great team. But the day didn’t end until each startup had a one-on-one mentoring session with Gil.
“People don’t apply for a job because they like what we do, they apply because they like why we do it.”
“Maybe the concept [of great cultures] doesn’t look that important right now, but great cultures are what build great teams.”