Meet the Local Hosts

On January 29th, a long-time tradition came back into play: Speed-dating with the Local Hosts.

After three weeks working alongside their designated startups, each Local Host had a chance to get to know the other entrepreneurs better on a 5-minute sprint-date with 6 rounds, covering topics ranging from academic background, hobbies, favorite places in Madeira, and other less-well-known facts about each other.
And now that our entrepreneurs know each Local Host and their strengths, it is time for you to meet them as well:


Meet Gabriel Schneider, our intern, that is also helping out as a Local Host. He thought Madeira was the best place to end his academic studies in Business Management in an Erasmus program. He’s passionate about improving himself, so he enjoys learning about financial and cryptocurrency markets, and digital marketing strategies. His free time is dedicated to meditating and watching sci-fi movies.


Originaly from Paul do Mar,  Helena Ventura developed a passion for inner peace and mindfulness. This led her into the psychology field, becoming a clinical and health psychologist whose goal is improving mental health in young and adult communities. As for hobbies, she enjoys reading classic literature – but also comics -, and is interested in car mechanics and racing.


Joana Nóbrega is an expert in enjoying our island and discovering new hidden gems. Joana was gifted with a contagious smile, optimistic personality, and a curious mind. As a neuropsychologist, her main drive is people and understanding them, making her another great asset for this edition of Madeira Startup Retreat. Makeup, driving, dancing, researching, sightseeing and trying different food & beverages are some of the things she enjoys doing.


Mariana Freitas is the one on the team who loves to talk. Communication is one of her strongest suits, so she decided to get a degree in Communication and Marketing. With an extroverted personality, she can bring any party to life and is always looking for the most pragmatic way to solve any problem.  Her hobbies include makeup, eating, drinking coffee, listening to music, watching youtube videos, going to the gym and hanging out with friends.


Up next is Pedro Nunes, the coolest dude on the block, born with the ability to bring a smile on people’s faces. With a huge talent for drawing and storytelling, he studied art history, but always felt drawn to singing and producing music.  He’s not only passionate about music, but also video games, art, literature, sci-fi, high fantasy, words and rhymes… and bonus: telling fun facts.


The last, but not least,  Amazing Local Host is Sofia Souto, our vegan legal jurist who is passionate about human and environmental rights. Conscious of what’s wrong in the world, Sofia decided to study law, with the purpose of creating a more tolerant community. Besides fighting for her principles, she also enjoys listening to 60’s and 70’s music, traveling, watching movies, swimming, and sewing. #CaseClosed!