Selfie Peddy Paper!

As you must know by now, Madeira Startup Retreat combines the hard work and expertise of an acceleration program with the fun and relaxation of a retreat.
And on January 31st, it was mostly a fun afternoon! Created & designed by Ricardo Faia and Sara Morais, (local hosts of the 2nd edition), we had our 2nd Selfie Peddy Paper!


What’s a Selfie Peddy Paper, you ask? Well, it’s sort of a treasure-hunt city-quest in which our entrepreneurs were sorted into mixed teams and, following a map, raced to go by each of the marked points to complete the tasks presented. After André Delgado‘s Briefieng, – Project Assistant of Madeira Startup Retreat – the 7 teams left the office to start the journey!
Resulting in a series on delightfully creative and fun photos and videos!