Measure your Business!

On Tuesday, February 11th, we welcomed Duarte Leite de Castro – Coordinator at Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub | EIR – for the workshop Measure your Business.

Starting by sharing his career path, Duarte soon dived into the hard skills that allow for the measurement of the Startups’ Why, What and How. The mentor focused on subjects like KPIs and OKRs, Product/Market Fit, Types of KPIs, and even Designing their own Metrics.




But the day didn’t end until each startup had a chance to discuss their business ideas and challenges with Duarte, on a one-on-one mentoring session that our entrepreneurs sure enjoyed to the fullest.

“Don’t invent bs KPI’s that just make you feel happy, and tell you the story you want to hear!… Maybe just one, for motivation!”