RE-design VALUE

RE-design VALUE

We have started our week 1 and it was dedicated to defining what values we want to communicate & how to deliver it efficiently.

On October 11th and 12th, our entrepreneurs welcomed Manuel Melo– Team Leader  @ Business Transformation at NOVA SBE Venture Lab and Patricia Soares da Costa– Branding Consultant at Marquinista, as their mentors.

Concerning helping the entrepreneurs to RE-design VALUE, on October 11th Manuel focused on Value Creation and gave a workshop on Customer Definition and Customer Journey, that consisted on characterise our main customer segments, defining how, when and with whom they experience their journey as customers. From problem-to-be-solved to solution.

Manuel Melo shared with the startuppers some brand examples that over the years changed their product trying to meet the needs of their clients, and whose strategy helped to consolidate them. But, how to develop knowledge about our customers in conditions of high uncertainty?  

“Strategy is driven by hypothesis about the customer, and in a context of uncertainty, very few hypothesis can be safely assumed as true.”


The mentor highlighted the journey needed to be done until we understand the needs of our customers, and that this path is full of trials and errors, but ‘failure is the backdoor to success’.

“You’re wrong. accept that now. All that is up to see is just how much. And that is a good thing, although it may emotionally be tough, because like Steve Blank says, that’s a forward momentum: you’re saving yourselves a lot of trouble.”

In the afternoon, Manuel made a one-on-one mentoring session with each Startup.





On October 12th Patricia Soares da Costa explored Value Communication and gave a workshop on Defining and Communicating Value Proposition. This subject has a critical role in communicating how a company aims to provide value to customers.

“A brand is a promise of an experience.”


Patricia presented different campaigns with relatively simple but effective production costs, that play with people’s perceptions and expectations.

“Your brand is not what you want it to be, I’m sorry, it’s really not. It’s what other people perceive when you communicate it.”

After her talk, each Startup made a flash pitch, so the mentor could have a first impression on their product. The afternoon was dedicated to one-on-one mentoring.





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