RE-align STRATEGY 2.0

RE-align STRATEGY 2.0
For the second part of Week 2, and continuing on RE-align STRATEGY, we welcomed Miguel Barbosa – Investment Director Tourism BU at Portugal Ventures as our mentor and, on this edition, our first Madeiran entrepreneur, Linda Kajli Bettencourt – Founder & Director at Madeira With Linda as our guest.

On October 20th, we started the day with an inspiring talk with Linda, who has more than 20 years of experience in leading, launching, and driving strategic projects to successful outcomes.

Madeira with Linda was born because Linda’s felt in love – literally – by Madeira. She met her husband on vacations in the island and then decided to live in this paradise. 

It offers private guided tours to discover the real Madeira, sharing the passion for this island while offers a stress-free holiday.


With the pandemic and the lockdowns, Linda had to think outside the box, and so her new business – Banana Hearts – was created. Banana hearts (or banana flowers, banana blossoms) are the new superfood: they have high nutrition values in proteins, fibers and calcium, magnesium and potassium, just to mention a few and it is possible to prepare delicious dishes from them.

The ingredients for the Madeira Banana Hearts project lie in front of all of us and as part of their commitment to contribute to the global climate action and support creating sustainable communities they just had to pick them up and use them.

After this motivational talk, we welcomed Miguel Barbosa via online rooms. The mentor focused on Investment and gave a workshop on Competitiveness on the Global Market.



Miguel started with presenting himself and talked about Portugal Venture, a venture capital firm that is part of Banco Português de Fomento group, that currently has more than 130 portfolio companies.

It invests in startups in the pre-seed, seed and series A stages, offering innovative solutions for the international market in the digital, engineering & industry, life sciences, and tourism sectors.

After this, the mentor started the one-on-one mentoring with each startup on private online rooms, so they could pitch and get to know more about them.

It started at the end of the morning and continued after lunch throughout all afternoon.








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