RE-launch GROWTH

RE-launch GROWTH

We kicked off our week 3 and it was dedicated to Doing Business & Scale.

On October 25th and 26 th, our startupper’s welcomed Gil Belford – Head of Strategic Partnerships @ Stealth Startup, Tiago Araújo – CEO & Co-founder @ HiJiffy as their mentors and Jeffrey Gouveia – CEO Hit the Road Madeira as our invited Madeira Entrepreneur.

Gil helped the entrepreneurs to RE-launch GROWTH,  focused on Prepare Your Business Model to Scale and gave a workshop on Is the Business Model Prepared for Growth?, that consisted on how to growth a company / scale it and expansion of your team.

The topics where Stages of a Company, Customer Acquisition Cost, and Customer’s Lifetime Value.



The mentor dedicated some time exploring Talent Hiring, the Company’s Culture, and how the Why and OKR’s can help in building a great team.

People don’t apply for a job because they like what we do, they apply because they like why we do it.”

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there.”

But first, as usual, each startup did a 3-minute flash pitch.




Before ending the morning we welcomed Jeff, a Madeiran Entrepreneur that owns and manages a successful jeep tour company, Hit the Road Madeira, that offers Land Rover Island tours which are fun, exciting and knowledgeable.

They do everything in their own time, so don’t expect crowds, no conveys and no schedules. All their tours are tailored made according to the energy and spirit of each group.



Jeff talked about the challenges during the pandemic and how to remain profitable and full-fill the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, meaning less people per car on each tour.

They stay away the travel agencies as to avoid miscommunication between them and the customers, so 96% of their guests comes from their website.

Also, Jeff is a video enthusiast and he started their Youtube channel 8 years ago, and this has been the best promotion, marketing, SEO tool that they have to attract the customers and to be possible to reach the 96% direct sales.


In the afternoon, each startup had a one-on-one mentoring session with Gil.




On October 26th, Tiago did a workshop about Key Performance Indicators, that are quantitative metrics that allow us to see how healthy a company is and if we are going in the right direction.

The mentor started the day with presenting himself and explained the path that lead him and his partners to HiJiffy.

An All-in-One communication platform for hotels, their main product is a chat widget placed within the hotel’s website that replies to guests queries and help them book.




After a break it was time for an activity, each startup needed to choose their primary metric and then set 1 to 3 goals to improve during next week.

They had 45 minutes and then before the morning ended, they talked about it.



In the afternoon, it was time for Tiago mentoring One-on-One with each startup.





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